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the unacceptably high global project failure rate and connect superb talent with quality global clients to complete remarkable, successful projects.


a team of high-quality talent, connected to the OmniTiim family, who are inspired to work with us to change the world through the fulfilment of exciting projects.


Uplift and develop graduate talent, connecting them with valuable, out-of-university, practical remote work opportunities.

About Us - OmniTiim
About Us -- OmniTiim

Free up your time to focus on what really matters.

Our clients can work on their businesses to change the world, leaving the delivery to us.

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about us

Meet the Omni Team

Usman Khalid - Founder / CEO - OmniTiim
Usman Khalid
Founder / CEO

An experienced IT professional with a proven track record of leadership, high performance, innovation, strategic thinking and client and stakeholder relationship skills.

Anas Ashfaq - Product Development Manager - OmniTiim
Anas Ashfaq
Product Development Manager

On a journey to creating a fair and equitable global talent marketplace where global clients are connected with superbly vetted talented; remote resources who see projects through to a successful completion.

Liina Arnold - Customer Success Manager - OmniTiim
Liina Arnold
Customer Success Manager

I have a proven track record of professional empathetic communication both written and verbal and have dealt with international B2B and B2C clients on diverse projects.

Lisa Romano - Recruitment Specialist - OmniTiim
Lisa Romano
Recruitment Specialist

The more I learn, the more I realize there is so much more for me to learn. And that is exciting! Empathy and people are my passions. Aiming to build a healthy enviornment.

Sarah Li - Campaign Manager - OmniTiim
Sarah Li
Campaign Manager

Experienced Manager and Marketing Specialist. I am passionate about storytelling, marketing strategies and demand generation. There are no unsolved problems, just unfound solutions.

The VALUES that shape us.

Our values are the cornerstone of our company culture. Everything that we do as a company is based on a solid foundation of these 6 values.

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Trust through consistency

We believe that consistency is what transforms average into excellent. When we deliver consistently on work and promises, we build trust.

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Human connection

We treat our clients and team alike - striving to foster positive and collaborative relationships for the good of the project and business.

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Committed excellence

We constantly adapt and innovate to achieve excellence for our clients. Our clients are connected with top experts committed to delivering projects through to success.

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Strength through diversity

Diversity fosters innovation and problem-solving by pushing everyone to look at things from different perspectives. We welcome diversity.

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Balance is achievable

We strongly believe in finding balance - in work, family, health and spirit. Having this balance directly increases the quality of work delivered.

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Deeply fullfilling work

Work can be deeply fulfilling when you’re learning, connecting and feeling purposeful.

A bit about OmniTiim

Managing projects through to eventual success is a complicated road to travel. Not one approach or methodology produces success.

In the USA alone, poor IT requirements are the reason why the majority of IT projects fail. These failed IT projects cost the United States between $50-$150B in lost revenue and productivity.

Through connecting companies with rigorously-vetted superb remote talent, meticulous scope vetting and complimentary up-front project consultancy, OmniTiim reduces the high IT project failure rate.

OmniTiim’s founders saw the opportunity to create a global talent marketplace with a difference - this time where projects and scope are accurately defined and focus is placed on business value, not technical detail.

Usman Khalid - Founder

By being technologically agnostic, we find the best solution for the problem being solved. Where talent is strictly vetted and highly effective communication is the foundation for successful and profitable delivery.

With the way we work now completely altered through the COVID pandemic, businesses realize the efficiencies of using global remote experts. Yet managing remote talent can be challenging and hiring top talent is also expensive.

OmniTiim’s 5C solution aims to take the hassle and headache of managing any project.