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Our screening process is a 3-step approach:

OmniTiim screen out High-caliber talents

What are the skills required for a remote Android developer?

The skills required for a remote Android developer vary depending on the job requirements, but strong coding and debugging skills are generally essential. Other important skills include experience with version control systems such as Git, experience with various Android development tools and frameworks, and the ability to communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders.

We recommend that while you pay attention to the technical skills, do not ignore the soft skills, for they are the ones that will ensure seamless execution of any project.

OmniTiim confiirms the Language and Communications skills

Are there any risks associated with hiring a remote Android developer?

Yes, a few risks are associated with hiring a remote Android developer. One of the biggest risks is that you may not be able to properly vet the developer. This means that you could end up hiring someone who is not as qualified as they claim to be or who is not a good fit for your project. 

There is also the risk that communication problems could arise since you will not be able to meet with the developer face-to-face. However, most of these risks can be mitigated when you rely on OmniTiim for your talent sourcing.

OmniTiim believes in Robust Skills Testing before registration

What is the process for finding and hiring a remote Android developer?

The process of finding and hiring a remote Android developer can be broken down into several steps. The first step is to create a job posting and then disseminate it to various channels, such as job boards, social media, and/or networking websites.

The next step is to review the resumes of the candidates who applied for the position. After that, you will want to conduct interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Finally, you will need to decide who to hire.

Remember, though, that this process is tedious and can sometimes take months to complete. So, in order to save time and resources, you can always connect with OmniTiim, where we have a readily available and growing Android developers' talent pool.

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How our 5C process works

Our 5C process makes sure you get the very best remote technical resource.


Book a complimentary consultancy call

An OmniTiim executive will discuss your project requirements, goals and better understand your company.


Connect you to best-fit Python Developer

We'll discern which one of our Python Developers will match your requirements and be the best cultural for for your team.


Share our short list with you

We'll share our shortlist with you and let you have final choice over who you hire. This process takes around 24hrs.


Handle all talent onboarding

We'll take care of onboaring your Python Developer based on your requirements and sort out all other required admin.


Money-back guarantee

Should you not be happy with your new resource with 7 days, we'll give you your money back.


What makes us different?

  • Meticulous project scoping and requirements review

  • Effortless hiring of top talent

  • Centralised, transparent talent management hub

  • Rigorous resource vetting

  • Fully managed projects - end-to-end

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