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How Much Do CodeIgniter Developers Earn Annually?

The CodeIgniter developers' salaries can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including location, experience, negotiation skills, and the candidate's skill set. However, according to, the median annual salary for a CodeIgniter developer in the United States is $93,727. 

So, while there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, the median salary for CodeIgniter developers in the US provides a good starting point for estimating earnings potential.

OmniTiim can help you secure a remote job that pays fairly and per your skills. So, get in touch with us today to find your dream remote job!

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Remote CodeIgniter Developers?

Some benefits of hiring skilled and remote CodeIgniter developers are as follows:

  1. You Can Get Access To A Larger Talent Pool

  2. You Can Save On Costs

  3. You Can Get The Job Done Faster

  4. You Can Have More Control Over The Project

  5. You Can Get Better Results

If you're looking for adept CodeIgniter Developers to work remotely on your projects, you should get in touch with OmniTiim. We can help pair you up with the right talent for the job!

OmniTiim believes in Robust Skills Testing before registration

What Are Some Of The Best Practices To Follow When Hiring Remote CodeIgniter Developers?

When hiring remote CodeIgniter developers, it is important to consider the following best practices:

  1. First, define the project scope and objectives clearly from the outset. 

  2. Conduct thorough interviews and rounds of interviews if needed.

  3. Gauge potential candidates based on their portfolio, work experience, and skill set.

  4. Conduct a video interview to get to know the candidate better.

  5. Make sure that the contract agreements are in place before work begins. 

  6. Set up clear communication channels between the remote developer and the rest of the team. 

  7. Establish clear milestones and deliverables. 

These practices can help you ensure that you don't end up with inexperienced CodeIgniter Developers. But, as you can see, hiring the right talent can be quite a massive headache. So, why not let OmniTiim handle the hiring of talent for your projects? Give us a call today!

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How our 5C process works

Our 5C process makes sure you get the very best remote technical resource.


Book a complimentary consultancy call

An OmniTiim executive will discuss your project requirements, goals and better understand your company.


Connect you to best-fit Python Developer

We'll discern which one of our Python Developers will match your requirements and be the best cultural for for your team.


Share our short list with you

We'll share our shortlist with you and let you have final choice over who you hire. This process takes around 24hrs.


Handle all talent onboarding

We'll take care of onboaring your Python Developer based on your requirements and sort out all other required admin.


Money-back guarantee

Should you not be happy with your new resource with 7 days, we'll give you your money back.


What makes us different?

  • Meticulous project scoping and requirements review

  • Effortless hiring of top talent

  • Centralised, transparent talent management hub

  • Rigorous resource vetting

  • Fully managed projects - end-to-end

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Let's get you all up for a remote CodeIgniter development role that matches your skillset and pays fairly. OmniTiim helps connect skilled CodeIgniter Developers with companies that are looking for them!

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