Reliable tips you need to know when choosing the right freelancing platform

Apr 13, 2022 | By Author: Anas

People turn to freelance because it offers the freedom to set their own work schedule, work from anywhere in the world and choose a variety of interesting projects to work on.


Digitisation and the growth of the freelance market have changed the way business is done and how the work culture operates.


The global market has opened up more opportunities and higher-end talent for companies and entrepreneurs to work with. That has enriched people’s work lives a lot.


Freelancing made up over 36% of the US workforce in 2020. The percentage has been rising ever since. The pandemic has seen companies outsourcing their IT and software development resourcing to answer the demand for their projects. Restrictions have either forced or given people the chance to switch to full time freelancing careers.


Due to the high demand for freelance workers, there are many platforms to choose from. Online marketplaces have to be reliable, efficient and simply built to find and hire freelance developers. There are countless options for every budget, niche and industry.


Looking for a freelance job or a freelancer for your project can be overwhelming for the simple fact that there are many platforms and options to choose from. 


How to find the freelance job platform best suited to your project’s needs and budget?


Freelancing platforms help companies find and hire independent professionals for long or short term projects. It’s like a marketplace where the talent can highlight their skills and experiences for businesses to browse. All profiles of candidates are based on location, budget, skills and experience. Freelancers also receive ratings from previous projects and companies which help when choosing a freelancer.


Companies of all sizes and levels can outsource required talent for their projects if additional help is needed. Adding properly qualified team members to your company can help with time and resource management, and help bring a project under budget.


When you are looking for work as a freelancer or trying to outsource talent, it’s important to know which skills to focus on. Some platforms offer outsourcing services for only certain skills- such as programming, project management or content creation. While there are some that provide a wide variety of different skills on the freelancer marketplace.


Many of these freelance platforms offer several functionalities that simplify the overall process of finding and hiring. There are management systems in place that take care of the payments, time availability, scheduling, and project completion. Those attributes are available for all freelancers and clients that use these platforms, which makes the whole process a lot easier.


There are three different types of freelance websites.


Developer websites can be separated into three different categories in terms of talent experience, pricing, and hiring practices. Being aware of that will help you choose the right platform that will cater to your business needs perfectly. 


The three categories are:


1. Freelancer Bidding Websites


Bidding websites are very similar to traditional job boards when it comes to hiring freelance developers. You can share job requirements along with the budget for the project. Next up,  freelance developers have a chance to place a bid on the job in order to win the project. These types of websites offer volume, quantity and affordability for lower budgets. Quality, however, is not easily identifiable.


Bidding websites don't have vetting processes in place and rely solely on reviews and ratings. This type of framework on a freelancing website leaves too much room for poor practices and unprofessional experiences.


In addition, the model and system of these types of websites don’t meet the needs and requirements of quality developers. It’s very time-consuming for them to keep bidding for projects or to find the right project. In these competitive spaces, it’s difficult to find top software development and technical talent.


2. Order based websites


Order-based websites are online marketplaces that allow freelancers to earn money by selling their services as products.


They focus on very specific skills such as. These types of websites are great for the short term, one job type of offers and projects. On the downside, that leaves top talent to choose other platforms since the projects they are looking for are usually long term.


3. Vetted talent websites


These are the platforms that the top freelance developers prefer. To be accepted to a vetted talent website, the freelancer will go through a thorough screening process, so both the client and freelancer have the guarantee that they will be working with high-end professionals. This allows both parties to save time and effort.


Working within a vetted platform allows for the freelancer and the client to be part of a network that is built from the best of the best.


The main focus of vetted talent websites is to build a community of top and high-end quality freelance developers who are set to deliver project success every time. 


From the clients’ perspective - this allows them to work with experienced talent while saving time and resources for not having to go through the screening process on their own.


What to pay attention to when choosing a Freelancing Platform


To make sure that each freelance website is reliable and trustworthy, there are several factors to pay attention to:


1. Terms and conditions


Every freelance platform has well-documented terms and conditions sections that are there to protect both freelancers and employers.


2. Customer support


Each freelance website provides customer support to assist its users and offer solutions for issues.


3. Payment and withdrawal methods


Freelancers, global or local,  can receive payments from freelance websites through different options, such as bank transfers and electronic payments all done securely through the platform.

Finding freelance work doesn’t have to be complicated and turn into a headache. It’s usually very simple to sign up and take the necessary steps to build a profile. Make sure you are choosing a platform that is right for your needs, skills and requirements. 


The OmniTiim remote vetted talent platform


OmniTiim is a talent platform that connects companies with rigorously-vetted superb remote talent, as well as offers meticulous scope vetting and complimentary up-front project consultancy. For both clients and freelancers alike, when using OmniTiim, you receive peace of mind that you’re in the right hands. If you’re interested in exploring using OmniTiim to source remote talent, please book a call here. If you’re a freelancer looking to find more consistent contracts working on exciting projects, register your interest and join the OmniTiim team here.


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